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Welcome to SAL Electronics,  manufacturer of HF wire, Moxon, Halo and VHF/UHF Ground Plane Adapters.
HF antennas include OCF and End Fed models to fit various installation requirements and/or operating bands.  Antennas are made with high power or medium power ferrite toroid cores with DC blocking design to minimize static noise pickup.  All hardware used in construction is 18-8 stainless steel.  Antenna wire is stranded copper with UV resistant coating
Moxon and Halo antennas are constructed with 6063-T832 hard drawn aluminum tubing for maximum strength in all weather conditions.  Insulation is provided with solid fiberglass or UV resistant PVC, plus all hardware is stainless steel (except where noted).  Moxon antennas are provided with a current (choke) balun.  Halo antennas are designed with a Direct DC Ground to help eliminate atmospheric static build-up for a quieter received signal.
To see SAL Electronics' product offerings go to the Products Button.  SAL Electronics' is working on other products so check often. 
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